About Us

Welcome to Alasdekaa Dairies, a thriving food store headquartered in Alexandria and rapidly expanding across Egypt. Our passion lies in providing an extensive range of organic, hand-crafted, and fresh products that consistently uphold premium quality.

At Alasdekaa Dairies, we take pride in utilizing authentic buffalo milk as the foundation for our diverse product portfolio. From fresh milk and yogurt to cheese, ice cream, rice pudding, and other dairy derivatives, we offer a wide selection to satisfy every palate.

Since our establishment in 1987, we have honed our expertise in the dairy industry, and more recently, we have ventured into bakeries and honey production. This expansion has allowed us to further excel in the realm of fresh food, broadening our offerings to cater to even more discerning customers.

Behind the success of Alasdekaa Dairies is a dedicated team of over 500 talented individuals. Our workforce comprises skilled chefs, technicians, engineers, and managers who share a common commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations.

As we continue to grow, we remain devoted to our core values of quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. Join us on our journey as we redefine the fresh food industry and provide you with exceptional culinary experiences you can savor.

Welcome to Alasdekaa Dairies, where passion meets quality, and freshness is our promise.