Al Asdekaa raw Labbani Cream 250 gm

Al Asdekaa raw Labbani Cream 250 gm

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Indulge in the luxurious delight of our fresh clotted cream, boasting a soft and butter-like consistency.
With a firm crust on top and a thick, smooth texture beneath, it offers a truly decadent experience. This exquisite treat surpasses the richness of whipped cream, taking your culinary indulgence to new heights. For a delightful English breakfast, savor the classic combination of Alasdekaa toast generously adorned with lavish amounts of clotted cream and a delectable layer of fruit jam. Pair this exquisite treat with a pot of traditional English tea, completing a truly enjoyable morning ritual. Experience the unparalleled pleasure that our clotted cream brings to your taste buds, embracing the essence of a quintessential English breakfast.

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